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Professional, approved IT support and maintenance.


We handle all your IT needs

At Fintec we want your business to grow so we will help implement a strong and secure infrastructure to increase efficiency and security. This is designed to protect your business from cyber attack and unauthorised access, making sure one of the most valuable assets to your business is protected.

We work with you as your IT department dealing with any and all online threats to your business.


Business continuity plans & Disaster recovery

BCP (Business continuity plans) are essential for all businesses they prepare your organization for times of emergency or disaster, BCPs make sure that your business operations are still running should the unthinkable happen.

We also offer a disaster recovery service for when the unthinkable happens to help you and your business get back on track. We focus on keeping all your critical business functions operational by implementing firewalls to stop from cyber attacks, installing back up drives and back up servers.


We also sell hardware!

At Fintec working with our partners we can supply and install your business with everything it needs from desktops, monitors or just keyboards & mouses.

We have a vast range of hardware and software to offer.


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What you can do with Fintec

Scale your business with our fully managed IT and support.

Locally dedicated agents.

We have one of the most dedicated teams that truly love what they do, our team is always on hand to help offering a 24hr emergency response service and the fact that we are local means that we are always close at hand.


Consultations on your behalf

We know how frustrating dealing with software companies can be trying to get you too switch providers or change payment plans, here at Fintec we offer to take care of all that for you.

Our team takes care of that for you by arranging all calls and meetings.


24hr Response service

At Fintec we offer a fast and reliable 24 hr response service to assist you with any problems you may be facing.

We usually get back to you within 20 minutes.


Our Partners

We work closey with a number of trusted partners in the delivery of software, etc...